Grandmaster Gary Lam, L.A.


Sifu Gary Lam trained with the Legendary Sifu Wong Shun Leung , for 15 years and served as the instructor at Wong’s school in Hong Kong for an additional 6 years.As one of Sifu Wong Shun Leung’s top student, Sifu Lam put his Wing Chun skills to test by entering tournaments and destroying the competition. His excellent fighting skills made him the undefeated champion of the Hong Kong full Contact Tournament in 1978-1979. His trophies and titles are too numerous to mention. In recognition of his Wing Chun skills and character, his Wing Chun peers in Hong Kong elected him as the President of the Hong Kong Wing Chun Society in 1991.

Sifu Gary Lam was awarded Sifu of the Year in 2006 and received an award for the World Ving Tsun Athletic Association Hall of Fame for his contributions to Ving Tsun.



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